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What Our Clients Say

This is my first experience working with an attorney and I am delighted that it has been a very pleasant and successful one. I greatly appreciate all the hard work that Mr. Chen Zhang and his team put in for my case. I testify that this is a reliable team with a great deal of experience in immigration matters. They demonstrated an outstanding level of professionalism by showing quality and originality in writing up the petition letter and being highly responsive and helpful to all my queries. They are extremely knowledgeable about the immigration laws and have successfully addressed many issues that I could have encountered beforehand. At the beginning, I was not very confident about my case as the total citation count of my research did not meet the recommended minimum requirement. However, Mr. Zhang did a remarkable job to make my case stand out. He took time and effort to analyze my profile, and eventually he was able to identify and highlight the unique experiences that I had and turn them into compelling evidence. The entire filing process went extremely smoothly and my case was approved within 2 weeks without request for evidence. Mr. Zhang is absolutely someone you can depend on when it comes to immigration-related cases and I am so thankful to Mr. Zhang and his team for their great effort on my case. 

-----Dr. Yin, Post-doc John Hopkins University Baltimore, MD

What Our Clients Say

 - I had a wonderful experience with Immigration law practice and in particular with Chen Zhang, Esq.  I apply for green card in the NIW category. The process went really smoothly. Mr. Zhang was always very clear and knowledgeable about the procedure and the needed materials.  Each of my question has always been answered promptly and comprehensively. The interaction with Mr. Zhang was very easy.  I never had to interact with third parties or wait for more than few hours to receive any answer.  I felt supported and confident during the entire process. I was able to receive the approval for my petition in less than one month...a record I think." 

-Mariaelena, Post-doc researcher at George Mason University

I had the most wonderful experience with my lawyer, Mr. Chen Zhang with the USA Immigration Lawyers PLLC  His professional manner and expert handling of my I-140 petition enabled the approval of my EB1a case in less than 15 days!! His personal attention to detail made me feel very comfortable and secure as a client. He has thorough knowledge about the presentation and content of such immigration petitions. I shall remain ever grateful to him for his par excellence service, and highly endorse him for all immigration related cases.

Mantej Chhina,  US Food & Drug Administration

It was a pleasant and comfortable experience for me to retain my EB1-B I-140 immigration application with the  USA Immigration Lawyers.  Mr. Zhang was kindly patient and prompt to answer all my questions about how to present and search supporting materials in an absolutely professional manner so that I was able to prepare in the right direction. With his superior experience, my weak case was presented in a strong and clear format, therefore grabbed immigration officer’s attention impressively.  My I-140 was approved in one and half a month and I was very happy with the outcome. I really appreciate the help he has rendered me.

-Hanna Xu  American Registry of Pathology

Before my wife and I met Dr. Zhang, we consulted several immigration attorneys whether we could apply for EB1a, alien of extraordinary ability. Every attorney we met except Dr. Zhang thought our background was too weak for the EB1a application. Only Dr. Zhang took our case for the EB1a application. Dr. Zhang devoted a lot of efforts to the petition of my case and my I-140 was approved within 15 days after submission. My wife and I could not believe, but it indeed happened. My wife and I genuinely appreciate Dr. Zhang. With his efforts and help, we can pursue our American dream. ---- Simon, a postdoc from NIH

I meant to tell you how impressed I am with the application and you did a superb job. I would recommend you guys at any day !      
Walter Ailes, Director of Finance, Lowell School

I am very pleased with your service about my visa application. Your professionalism and approachable personality has helped me a lot throughout the process. I got my O-1A visa in four days. I am very happy with the end result.      
---Orsolya Ferenczy, Olympic Swimmer, Former European Swimming Champion

Mr. Zhang has conducted himself in a very professional manner.  He has been kind, considerate and prompt in answering my correspondence with him. Without his help, I would have had much difficulty being able to bring my wife to America from China.

---Arthur Coffey, Lenoir, North Carolina

Thanks a bunch for all the meticulous work you have done in preparing for the O-1 petition. Now, my NIW petition has been approved too! I have not met you guys once but I will be forever grateful for your legal assistance.

Dr. Margaret Kihato, Professor at Wiley College, Texas

I could not believe my eyes and cross checked again and again the online status of approval. I believe the best decision i took was choosing your firm as my attorney. You guyes are amazing.  To be short, you delivered what you promised. I am from India and right now on H4. I contacted a lot of firms and all of them believed my case was really weak for EB-1A as i lacked reviewing experience. But when I contacted Chen Zhang, he instilled confidence in my case and believed he could get it done for me. He is very good and exactly knows what is to be done. He is easily approachable and answers all queries promptly. So I am extremely satisfied and very happy that I found the right counsel for my case.
Anuradha Balasubramanian,
Vienna, VA

I was trying to find a lawyer who was honest, approachable and reasonably priced for my EB1a application for green card. For 4 years I talked to different lawyers and everyone said that my CV was worth trying for EB1a but no one ever gave me exact cost of the whole process. I was really not sure if I had a strong case for EB1 and so I was looking for a lawyer who had fixed cost for the whole process. Mr. Chen Zhang was very open and honest about the whole process. He is very approachable and he even contacted me from China, when I tried to reach him. He has changed my impression about lawyers and like in any other profession, he is in one of the few good ones in his field. His office staff are very courteous to your queries and always there to help you. I think choosing Mr. Chen Zhang as my lawyer for filing my EB1 was one of the best decisons I made in life. I am really happy with his service and would surely recommend everyone to him.   --

Gokul Toshniwal  Physician from Michigan

From the nation’s capital, we offer immigration advice to corporations and individuals throughout the United States and around the world. We handle all non-immigrant and immigration visa petitions. 

Companies with immigration issues need competent attorneys to assist them in complying with ever increasingly complex federal immigration laws.  Individuals who travel long distance from their home countries to establish their new residences in the United States need qualified representations before immigration authorities in this country.

We offer standard and customized solutions for your international employment and family immigration needs.  For nonimmigrant visas, we offer H-1 Specialty Occupation, L-1 Intra-Company Transferee and others
.  For immigrant visas, we offer EB(1) extraordinary ability, outstanding professors and researchers, multinational managers and executives, EB(2) advance degree holder or exceptional ability professionals, EB(3) workers, national interest waivers and others.  As a member of American Immigration Lawyers Association, we provide the expertise that matches the complexities of your cases.  Our attorneys were trained in the leading law schools of the country.  We design customized solutions to tackle the current H-1 cap limitation through innovative use of O-1, H-3 and other mechanisms.  We are especially good at immigrant cases where no labor certification is required, such as Aliens of Extraordinary Ability and National Interest Waiver.  Our immigration petitions are well written and customized to bring the best of achievements and life experiences of our clients in light of the legal standards.  We take great pride in what our clients have to say about our services (Please see client testimonials on the right).

The major objective of our practice is to pass the greatest value to you or to your organization so that you will be able to leverage human resources to your greatest advantage.
  Our unique pricing structure affords you the opportunity of only paying half of the legal fees and not having to pay the second half until cases are approved.  We find this fixed-contingent fee structure offers the most value to our clients.  Our most competitive pricing makes our services very important to individuals and businesses in search for strategic solutions for international hiring needs.  Please call or email us to discuss your needs. 


What Our Clients Say
I just got USCIS letter of my I-140 NIW approval and thank you for your kind help!
--Ms. Zhang
US Food & Drug Administration

A Master in his Craft: Chen Zhang Esq. I had a magnificent experience with my lawyer, Mr. Chen Zhang with the USA Immigration Lawyers PLLC When we met my H-1B Visa was about to expire in about 18 months.  He spoke to me and shared my options which were to allow my institution to apply for my permanent residency or apply for myself through the national interest waiver. I applied for the national interest waiver and the case was approved! At that time my H1 time period had almost ended. To allow me permission to stay and work here in the USA, Mr. Zhang spoke to my director and advised him to file for an O-1 Visa (for individuals with extraordinary ability) for me. We did that and using premium processing. After extensive research Mr. Zhang proved the extraordinary abilities of a High school Science Teacher and my case was approved again. In a nutshell, both of my petitions were approved in a timely manner and there was no break in my status. Because of his knowledge, insight, expertise and effective aptitude I am forever grateful to Mr. Zhang and I give him my highest endorsement for all legal matters related to immigration.

----Amrish C. Ramsundar
Science Teacher
Baltimore Maryland

We had a wonderful experience with our Immigration lawyer Chen Zhang, Esq.  for our  EB1(a) and NIW cases.  Mr. Zhang was very confident with our case, a rather complicated one because of multiple issues. His diligence, patience and commitment throughout the process were as remarkable as his willingness to provide clarifications in depth.  Overall, we owe a great deal to his clarity and experience on the required documentations.  His thoroughness with the case presentation led to the approval of our difficult case in both EB1a and EB2 (NIW) in less than 3 months!!! We are impressed with his excellent service, and highly endorse him for the immigration related cases. 

                                             ---Maneesha Chhikara
                                                      Former NIH Fellow

After Mr. Chen Zhang served as my attorney and advisor for L-1A visa, I hold the firm in highest regard.  My entire experience has been phenomenal for several reasons:

1. Professionalism and courtesy.  Mr. Zhang and the Immigration Law Practice have shown clerical professionalism and courtesy in all of their services, whether it was simply responding back to my questions or submitting complete and well-drafted applications and forms to USCIS. Even though they work on my case in DC area, away from where I am, I feel I am very closely supported. 

2. Highly responsive attorney and technical staff at the Immigration Law Practice always responded quickly and efficiently whenever I had any questions or inquiry, even after business hours. 

3. Well knowledgeable and dedicated attorney.  Mr. Zhang not only showed in-depth knowledge about my case, but also devoted his time to conduct further legal research in law library to construct strong evidences and supportive arguments to respond adequently to USCIS' request for evidence. 

Mr. Zhang and his firm's thorough input and dedication in my case led to the approval of my L-1A visa.  I stronly recommend consulting Mr. Chen Zhang of the USA Immigration Lawyers PLLC for any one interested in L-1 visa or any other type of immigration law services.  

                                                         Anu Chaniyara,
                                                      Shreveport, LA

Back in autumn 2012, I was recommended by my colleagues to call three prominent attorneys to pre-consult about my US immigration plan.  As per my initial consultation with Mr. Chen Zhang, he articulately guided me through the quagmire of US immigration processes and made me fee secure and confident that we had a strong case.  His expert legal/immigration perspectives also invigoratingly nourished my intellectual understanding of the EB2-NIW process.  Mr. Zhang perused my background and accomplishments insofar, helped me construct a compelling case (and collate all pertinent documentations), and reassured my EB2-NIW application was indeed comprehensive.  My EB2-NIW application was officially received by USCIS as of October 2, 2012.  The approval notice was issued on December 17, 2012.  This means a mere 10 weeks of processing time only.  VERY IMPRESSIVE! I was and am still utterly thrilled! I am forever grateful for Mr. Zhang and his team for their practical legal/immigration expertise, efficient services and professionalism.  Actually we have never met face to face so far!         
---Frengky; Management Consultant/Scholar;     Virginia

Chen is one of these hidden treasures around. I worked with him on my NIW and EB1 applications and I can say with confidence that he is arguably one of the finest lawyers around for these kind of cases. He just doesn’t take the usual run of the mill cases and doesn’t just evaluate cases based on citations’ and publications’ metrics. He has this sharp knack for law and doesn’t work like the other NIW/EB1 law “factory” firms. He doesn’t believe in advertising himself, so you may not have heard of him on forums and elsewhere. But he is the best and I highly recommend him.

-S. Suman  Biotech Professional from Washington DC

We would like to thank you for all of your hard work, help and advice during our US immigration visa application. When we firstly came to you in the middle of 2016 for B1B2 visa application, we were overwhelmed and uncertain about the whole process. After our first phone call, we feel more confident and more ease with the application. When we received the final application package, we were impressed by your efficiency and professionalism. After the B1B2 approval, we intended to apply for US immigrant visa based on EB1a Alien of Extraordinary Ability, then we were more than happy to pass the case to you as well. EB1a is much more complex than B1B2, Thank you for walking us through all the possible options and making sure all our paperwork was in order and on track that secured the final approval! Though we were located in different time zones which has 12 hours’ gap, you always replied my queries in a very timely manner and our minds were put at ease each time. Thank you again and we would like to recommend you to anyone who intend to obtain US visa. 
All the best to you and your team for all the hard work. 

-Arvind & Sadhna
VP of a US Fortune 500 Multinational Company, Shanghai  

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