EB1A Alien of Extraordinary Ability


  • EB1A or alien with extraordinary ability offers an opportunity for alien with extraordinary ability in sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics to obtain permanent residency.
  • No need for job offerto file EB1A petition.
  • Until recently, EB1A had always been the fastest route toward US permanent residency. There had been no visa backlog for this category before.
  • Premium Processing is available for EB1A petition, meaning that once the petition is filed with USCIS, it can be approved within 15 calendar days.


  • EB1A is the most challenging employment-based green card category with the most restrictive requirements
  • In August 2019, the visa backlog situation for EB1A is slightly longer than EB2 for petitioners worldwide. It is hard to predict how long this situation will last. Therefore, if the petitioner was born in a country other than India, there seems no incentive to apply for EB1A but not for EB2 NIW. For India-born petitioners, EB1A is still way faster than NIW.
  • Unlike scholars and researchers whose achievements and reputations in the field can be easily documented by publications and citations, talented individuals in the business field may find it hard to document their achievements. This is true even for business executives who have significantly contributed to the overseas operation of US fortune 500 companies.

Service we offer:

  • To-the-point initial consultation that delineates case strategy with clearly defined petition theme. Interact with you through meetings or conference calls to learn more about your field and achievements; carefully define your field of endeavor to show how your contribution has significantly impacted the field; and come up with the best case strategy and guide you through the entire process.
  • We are particularly reputable for cases filed by aliens with extraordinary ability in the business field. With extensive research on field-specific factual background and legal precedents, we bring business professionals’ achievement live before USCIS to win.
  • Conduct industry background research to fine tune the best perspective to present your case, maximizing your chance of approval.Dissect the client’s achievements in a highly detailed and customized matrix that analyses every aspect of the achievements, publications and citations presented by the client.
  • Draft the petition letter on your behalf. Carefully describe your
    achievements and supporting documents, prove to USCIS that each legal requirement has been overwhelmingly met.
  • Provide sample recommendation drafts related to your field. Review and revise recommendation letters provided by your recommenders or draft the recommendation letter at your option.

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