E Visa in General

The E Visa allows foreign organizations involved in international trade or making an investment in the United States to send their representatives to oversee their business’ U.S. activities. The E Visa is only available to organizations and nationals of those countries that have entered into a trade or investment treaty with the United States.

General Requirements

First, the organization must be a national of a selected country. The nationality of an organization is determined by the nationality of its owners. Fifty percent or more of the owners must be nationals of a selected country for their organization to be considered a national of that country.

Second, the individual representative of the organization who is being sent to the United States to oversee the organization’s activities must also be a national of the same country as the organization.

The E Visa is subdivided into two sub-classifications: The E-1 Visa for Trade Organizations and the E-2 Visa for Investment Organizations.