EB1B Success Case and our Clients’ Testimony

It was a pleasant and comfortable experience for me to retain my EB1-B I-140 immigration application with the  USA Immigration Lawyers.  Mr. Zhang was kindly patient and prompt to answer all my questions about how to present and search supporting materials in an absolutely professional manner so that I was able to prepare in the right direction. With his superior experience, my weak case was presented in a strong and clear format, therefore grabbed immigration officer’s attention impressively.  My I-140 was approved in one and half a month and I was very happy with the outcome. I really appreciate the help he has rendered me.

-Hanna Xu American Registry of Pathology

Chen is one of these hidden treasures around. I worked with him on my NIW and EB1 applications and I can say with confidence that he is arguably one of the finest lawyers around for these kinds of cases. He just doesn’t take the usual run of the mill cases and doesn’t just evaluate cases based on citations’ and publications’ metrics. He has this sharp knack for law and doesn’t work like the other NIW/EB1 law “factory” firms. He doesn’t believe in advertising himself, so you may not have heard of him on forums and elsewhere. But he is the best and I highly recommend him.

-S. Suman, Biotech Professional from Washington DC